Long In The Tooth: When A Tooth Keeps Growing

15 December 2020
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Some creatures have teeth that keep on growing. Rats have open-rooted incisors which continue to grow throughout their lifetime, and are kept to a manageable length with constant gnawing. You probably think that your own teeth grow to a predetermined length before stopping, and this is true. But when a tooth is suddenly free of obstructions that limit its growth, it might continue to develop in length. There's an easy explanation for this, along with an easy solution. Read More 

What Kind Of Care Does A Children’s Dental Care Specialist Provide?

2 November 2020
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As a parent, you're responsible for every aspect of your child's well-being, including their oral health. One very important way you can take care of your child's teeth is by getting them excellent, professional dental care. Children's dental care specialists have the specialized skill set required to take care of children's teeth. This guide will help you understand what you can expect from a pediatric dental practice: 1. Age-Appropriate Care Read More