3 Facts You Should Know When Dealing With A Dental Emergency

22 August 2022
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

While most people know exactly what to do in a medical emergency, far fewer people are truly knowledgeable when it comes to how to deal with a dental emergency. This is quite unfortunate because your reaction to a dental emergency can impact everything from how much pain you experience to whether or not there is any permanent damage to your teeth. That is why you should take just a few moments to review the three facts below so that you can be sure you are ready in the event you require emergency dental services. 

Fact #1: Most Emergency Rooms Are Not Equipped To Handle Dental Emergencies

Far too many people make the mistake of heading to a local emergency room when experiencing extreme tooth pain. While these medical facilities can offer you some pain medications to help reduce your pain, they will not be able to address the underlying issue that is causing this pain. This is because most emergency rooms are not staffed with dentists. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, you are far better off visiting an emergency dentistry office than visiting an emergency room at your local hospital. 

Fact #2: You Can Get The Emergency Dental Care You Need Even If Your Regular Dentist Is Not Available

Contacting your regular dentist can be a good first step when dealing with a dental emergency. Unfortunately, you will likely find that they are not able to get you in to be seen the same day. In this situation, you can still get the dental care you need by choosing to visit a clinic that specializes in emergency dental care. These clinics are often open 24/7, including most holidays. This means that even if you wake up in the middle of the night with a terrible toothache, you can get the dental care that you need without waiting until the next time your dentist has an available appointment. 

Fact #3: Dealing With A Dental Emergency Quickly Can Ultimately Save Your Tooth

Dental emergencies such as a tooth that has been knocked out or broken can be time sensitive. In addition to the pain that these issues can cause, they can also result in the permanent loss of your tooth if they are not addressed quickly. Oftentimes, waiting for an appointment with your regular dentist will result in you needing to have the tooth replaced using an implant or dental bridge. Choosing to use emergency dental services can help you to avoid this outcome by helping to maximize the chances that your natural tooth can be saved.

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