Undergoing A Root Canal Treatment

10 June 2022
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When a person is suffering from a serious dental problem, there are a variety of treatments that may have to be used in order to restore the condition of the tooth. In many cases, a patient may find that their tooth is needing to undergo a root canal procedure to be treated.

Root Canals Can Be An Effective Treatment Option For A Tooth That Has An Interior Infection

Infection is one of the more significant problems that a tooth can experience. When a patient's tooth develops an infection, it can spread throughout the rest of the tooth as well as into the gums and jaw. Root canal treatments are one of the more effective solutions for removing the infection from the interior of the tooth. Without this procedure, the only option may be to fully remove the tooth before the infection is able to spread to other areas of the mouth or even the body.

Modern Root Canal Procedures Tend To Only Cause Mild Discomfort And Soreness

There are individuals that will assume that a root canal procedure will always be extremely painful for them to undergo. In reality, the discomfort that occurs during and after a root canal will generally be very mild. This is partially due to advances in the ways that root canal procedures are completed as well as the effectiveness of local anesthetics. Generally, patients may feel little to nothing during the actual procedure. For the day or two following the treatment, they may experience some slight tenderness, but this can be mitigated with non-prescription pain medications.  

The Tooth Will Need To Have A Crown Placed On It Following The Root Canal Procedure

Root canal procedures are capable of removing the infected tissue from the interior of the tooth. However, the removal of this tissue can leave the tooth in a fairly weakened state. A crown can reinforce the tooth to prevent it from cracking or breaking as a result of the force that is put on it when a person is chewing. Luckily, crowns can be an extremely durable addition to your tooth that can help to reinforce it against this potential type of damage. These crowns can also be customized so that they will match the rest of the teeth in your mouth. As a result, you can repair and reinforce the tooth without having to sacrifice the quality of your smile's appearance. Eventually, this crown will need to be replaced, but most of these crowns are capable of lasting for years to a decade or longer before this will be necessary.

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