Why Your Dental Implant Feels Loose & What to Do About It

17 July 2017
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If you have noticed movement in your dental implant recently, then the implant has a problem and needs to be checked out by your dentist. While you cannot fix this problem without professional intervention, it is important that you understand what can cause this situation. There are basically three things that can make your dental implant feel loose: a loose or damaged implant crown, abutment, or attachment screw.

Here is a bit of information about each situation and how your dentist will fix the problem:

A Loose or Damaged Implant Crown

Since your dental implant's ceramic crown is screwed onto an attachment screw, sometimes the area around the abutment that attaches it becomes damaged. If the ceramic has chipped or broken, then your dentist will remove the crown and either repair it in the office or send it out to a dental lab for repair. This is a common issue with implants and is a painless repair.

A Loose or Damaged Abutment

Located between the ceramic crown and the titanium attachment screw that make up your dental implant is an abutment. The abutment attaches the crown to the screw. Sometimes as you chew on hard foods the abutment can become loose. This will give you the feeling that your entire implant is loose, but it may just be the crown moving around on the screw. If this is the case, then your dentist can tighten the abutment and solve this problem very quickly and easily.

A Loose or Damaged Attachment Screw

Your dental implant is attached to a titanium screw that was placed inside of your jawbone. If the screw has become loose from trauma or infection has set in around it, then your dentist may need to remove the screw and replace it with another one. Additionally, if you have developed an infection in the tissue or bone surrounding the implant screw, then you will need to take antibiotics to clear up the infection before it spreads to other tissues.

Please Make an Emergency Appointment with Your Dentist

Finally, it is vital for your dental health and the health of your implant that you seek the assistance of your dentist as soon as you find your dental implant has become loose. Seeking help quickly can mean the difference between repairing the problem and having to replace the implant with a new one at much greater cost. To learn more, contact local clinics like Serene Smiles Dentistry.