Important Things To Know About Clear Aligner Braces

26 April 2017
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If you are an adult who was never given the option of having braces as a child, then you may want to straighten your teeth now. However, metal braces may seem like torture. If this describes your feelings about braces, then you should think about opting for clear aligners instead. While clear aligners may seem like a miracle when it comes to straightening the teeth, there are some basic facts that you should know before you start with the aligners so you do not become disappointed during your treatment.

You May Talk With A Lisp

Most people love the idea of clear aligners because they are invisible. It is true that individuals will be unable to see them. However, your coworkers and friends may be able to hear them even if they cannot see them. Specifically, you will talk with a lisp one the braces are first placed in your mouth. 

Your lisp will develop as your tongue hits the clear aligner when you go to make an "s" sound. This sound is created as the tongue thrusts towards the front of your mouth and hits your teeth. If the tongue hits your aligner prematurely, then the strong "s" will sound more like a "sh" This is a common issue that most people notice when they start wearing their aligners and it is embarrassing for some. 

You should know that the lisp may develop. The good news is that you can train yourself to speak correctly and without a lisp. You will need to practice speaking so your tongue can learn how to form sounds with the aligners in place. Keep this in mind and talk with a loved on when you start the aligner treatment. 

The Wear Period May Be Longer

When you first meet with your orthodontist or cosmetic dentist, then you may learn about the target wear period. In other words, you will learn about how long it will take for your teeth to move into a straight position. The number of sets will be used to determine this time period. Each pair will need to be worn for two weeks on average.

However, some teeth will be more difficult to move than others. This can extend the wear period of some aligner sets to three weeks. Also, if you do not wear the aligners as much as you should, then you may need to wear each aligner pair for two and a half weeks. Also, there may be several sets of aligners that added on towards the end of the war period that are used to make fine adjustments. Depending on the position of the teeth and the desired results, you may need several of these aligner sets. 

While this is true, most people only need to wear the aligners for a year or two, so the added wear period may be minimal when compared to traditional braces. For more information, contact a business such as Crystal Dental Care