Have Tooth Pain And Sensitivity? What To Know

23 March 2017
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If a slight pain in a tooth has become something that you can't handle and you have pain every time you chew or a liquid touches the tooth, it's time to explore your treatment options. There are a lot of problems that could be causing the tooth pain that you have

Enamel Loss

The enamel on the teeth works as a protective coating, and when this erodes off the bone, the tooth can become very sensitive to a lot of things. The enamel will wear off over time, especially if you've never had your teeth sealed or if you have had a diet full of sugary and acidic foods. If enamel loss is the problem, the problem could possibly be treated with a coating for protection, and with oral health products that are designed to strengthen the enamel and prevent sensitivity.


If there is a small cavity in the teeth and the nerve of the tooth is exposed, then this is most likely the cause of your irritation. Talk with your dentist about having the area filled, and find out how much of the tooth has been damaged by the cavity. This will allow you to see if you can fix the error with a small filling or if you'll need a crown or bridge.


A dental abscess throughout the root of the tooth or in the gum line where the tooth is can be a serious medical concern. You will need to have the abscess treated with antibiotics, and then you'll need to have the tooth repaired. A root canal is usually required to replace the rotted tooth, and then the space where the root was is packed and then covered with a crown or bridge. An x-ray can show if the dentist needs to do a full root canal on the tooth.

Sensitivity in the teeth and pain may seem like a problem that you can put off until you are ready to make a dentist appointment later on throughout the year, but you need to go now regardless of your schedule or the cost. You can talk with dentist's offices in the area to find one that has appointments after regular business hours for working adults, and you can find an office that allows you to break down your bills into payments. This way, you can afford to get your sensitivity problem fixed when it's bothering you. Contact a clinic like Airport Road Dental Associates to learn more.