It's Their First Tooth! 3 Tips To Help Your Baby Develop Strong, Healthy Teeth

15 March 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

You want your baby to be healthy. That health includes developing strong teeth. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to help your child develop healthy teeth that will last them a lifetime. Here are three steps you can take to make sure your baby has a head start on strong, healthy teeth.

Start Dental Visits Early

You might not realize this, but proper dental care should begin as soon as your baby has their first tooth. Not only will this allow the dentist to monitor your baby's developing teeth, but it will also help your little one develop a comfortable relationship with their dentist. If your baby is comfortable with the dentist, they're more likely to cooperate during their dental visits. Early dental visits also ensure that your baby's first contact with the dentist is under pleasant circumstances.

Instill Proper Dental Hygiene Habits

While your baby is still young, start instilling proper dental hygiene habits. This includes wiping your baby's gums with a soft cloth at least twice a day. This will get your little one prepared to have their teeth brushed. As soon as your little one has their first tooth, begin using a soft tooth brush. It's also a good idea to start using dental floss as soon as your little one has one full tooth. Once your baby is old enough to brush their own teeth, teach them to brush for at least three minutes each time. The best way to do that is to have your child brush their teeth while they listen to their favorite song. When the song is over, your child will know it's time to stop brushing.

Limit Bedtime Bottles

When it comes to healthy teeth, the best thing you can do for your little one is limit bedtime bottles. This is particularly true if you're in the habit of providing bedtime bottles filled with milk, formula, or sweetened juices. These liquids can collect around your baby's teeth and cause the development of tooth decay. To protect your baby's teeth, avoid bedtime bottles altogether, or provide bottles filled with clear water.

Now that you have a little one, you want to keep them healthy and strong. To help encourage strong, healthy tooth development, follow the tips provided here. For other tips on how to care for your baby's teeth, talk to your dentist at baby's next dental visit.